Yew Tree Nursery - Parents

Collaboration between parents/carers and childcare staff is central to our philosophy.

We recognise that home life is of fundamental educational importance and that each child’s personal experience, both in and outside of the nursery, is the foundation of learning.

The sharing of information between home and nursery is therefore integral to ensuring that we gain the best possible understanding of your child and their needs. Families will be actively encouraged to contribute to their child’s developmental records.

We believe that families are the prime educators of their children and they are therefore always welcome in our nursery.

When you collect your child from the nursery you will be given a summary of your child’s day by a member of our team. This will cover what your child has eaten, how long they have slept for and the activities they have been involved in. Staff will always be available to discuss any concerns/needs when you drop off or collect your child.

We also have the Family app for parents to use on their phone or tablet. The app allows you to see pictures and updates of your child’s time in Nursery, especially helpful for parents whose children are new to settling in the Nursery.

The children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, which is delivered through the medium of “play”.

The activities we provide give the children a ‘hands on experience’ and are open-ended, allowing scope for individual exploration.

The children explore materials alongside others, enabling them to share ideas and gain valuable social and language skills at the same time.