Yew Trees Nursery - Baby Room

The Babies room has a fun and stimulating series of spaces, offering a safe warm nurturing place for children to play and develop their newly found skills. Staff and parents work closely together to aid each child’s developing needs.

We offer the children a wide variety of sensory and exploratory activities and experiences both inside and outside, including ‘messy’ activities such as painting, jelly or pasta play, playdough, sand and water.

Heuristic play
Heuristic play involves the children exploring and manipulating every day, household objects, rather than commercially made toys.

Babies Sleep room

Each child has a named drawer for their sheets, blankets and any comforters that they need for their nap times. When they go to sleep, they are checked every fifteen minutes and the staff member signs the Cot Room check form to confirm this.

The objects can be used in a much more open-ended way, so the children become involved and independent in their play. Resources include tins, mug trees, cardboard tubes, bead necklaces, gift boxes, corks, metal and wooden items.